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The kiddo is pretty much potty trained!

Well, really it happened back at the first week of January, but I think it's official. My child uses the toilet and hardly has accidents anymore!! And when he does have an accident, it's usually a night time one. Which is completely understandable.

Here's what I wrote on the ClothDiapering community:

Goodbye to Diapers!

At the first of January, I bit the bullet and did the 3-day potty training method (found here http://www.babycenter.com/0_potty-training-in-three-days-or-less_10310078.bc?print=true) and just a few months later, we have a potty-trained kiddo who only has night time accidents, from time to time!

If anyone has any questions about how it went, please feel free to ask me here. I'll leave the community after a week or so, just in case. :)

He was offended at even the *idea* of diapers after he got to go to his big boy underwear. This was done with major support at his school and at home.

So relieved that it wasn't a nightmare.

With this, I send a HUGE thanks to all of the folks who have posted with their problems, solved a few of mine by reading and asking all of you!

Good-bye, to diapers! This is a great community, and I really appreciate all of the support and talks that we've had here.

ETA for those who are interested in how the 3-day method went:

I work outside the home, and waited until there was a 3-day weekend to do this. Sammy was 2 years and 5 1/2 months when we did this method. His teachers felt he was ready for it a good 2 months prior, and I agree, but I didn't have enough time to really spend with him to make sure he was successful. I waited those 2 extra months and am glad, since I want to really *be there* for him.

Week before we did the method-
Husband was on board with me. We REALLY talked up to Sammy about wearing underwear, and so was his school. We made it VERY exciting.

Day Prior:
We made a big deal about putting away his diapers and getting the underwear out to wear for the next day. He was so excited and took off his diapers and put on his OMG UNDERWEAR!

Day 1
Instead of going naked, we put the underwear on, and he had accidents EVERY time he pee'd. I expected this, because how are you going to know when you need to pee until you feel it trickling down your leg?

The poop was so much worse, because it was difficult to pull down his underwear and not have it smear down his leg.

Day 2
This day was so much better than day one! He was better able to sense those need to pee urges due to the "accidents" the day prior. His biggest problem was stopping the fun playtime to go to the restroom. He held his poop in that day, I'm guessing, because of how ooked out he was over it being in his underwear that day.

I even felt confident enough to take him to the store!!

Funny thing is, having a diaper on, we always stood up at the toilet to put the poop in the toilet, so I'm not really sure why there is such a separation in the whole thing... but he hasn't had a poop accident since that one!

Day 3
This day was a BREEZE compared to the other 2 days. And moving forward, to me, the hardest thing is taking him to very unfamiliar places to go pee. He prefers to stand and pee (the school showed him a cool method about leaning OVER the toilet bowl and placing his hands on the toilet tank to pee!) and when we're in public, he has to sit down to pee. He'll do it, but doesn't like it.

On the whole, the best thing about the 3-day method is that it jump starts a kid in to truly listening to their body's signals to know when they need to pee, in order to go without an accident. I'm glad we did it!

We put a waterproof pad on his bed and just change the sheets. His night time wetting is WAY down, compared to a few months ago, but we've done just what we did then.

We cut back on water drinking, but still let him drink water if he asks. We put him in his potty training undies at bedtime and don't make a big deal over it. We ask him to pee before bed, and we just let him sleep through the night, unless he wakes himself to pee. Sometimes he gets out of bed and goes on his own, other times he calls out to get help. He's so young, that we don't have any expectations on it.

And changing his toddler bed sheets isn't too hard to do. We're very matter of fact about it being an "accident" and don't shame him or anything of the sort. He doesn't seem upset by it, so we let it go real fast.